Linen Yoga Backpacks

Linen Yoga Backpack USD 32.00+

Linen Yoga Backpack USD 32.00+

Our Yoga Backpacks

✔ City Linen Backpack. Yoga Backpack. Urban Backpack. Natural linen Backpack for easy carrying yoga mat. For thouse who young-at-heart and soul.
✔ Best for use in gym or outside yoga practice and like casual backpack.

✔ Natural Linen Color.
Durable and soft. (international standard Oeko-Tex Standart 100)
✔ Made from 100% linen. Grown and Made with love and care in historical cultivation region of flax and Slavic traditions – Belarus. European made.

✔ The backpack has wide handles, with two loopers for carring yoga mat and internal pockets for the phone and useful things.
✔ Carrier loopers fits for standart yoga mat 24″*68″ or 24″*72″ with 4mm thickness.

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