Linen Bread Bags for Homemade Bread.

Bread Bags USD 6.49+

Baguette Bags USD 6.99+

Baguette Bags USD 7.99+

Our Linen Bread Bags

✔ There are bags for the homemade bread (the size is 15 inches x 12,5 inches) and bag for the baguette (the size is 24 inches x 6 inches), both of them are made of natural flax with the cotton clasp-strap.
✔ Eco-friendly & reusable – You do not need plastic bags from the grocery store any more! Our articles are biodegradable, reusable and they produce no waste. The bread bags will become the excellent addition to your natural way of life.

✔ Antimicrobial ˗ The antimicrobial flax fabric quality of our bread bags fights successfully with the bacterium, microbes and mold.
✔ Multifunctional – Their usage is not limited by only bakery products. For example, according to the buyers’ response they are suitable for the fruit and vegetable storage as well. You can put the school snack, small toys, stationery, cosmetics or beachwear into them and also use bread bags for the trips and tours.

✔ OEKO-TEX | STANDARD 100 – The linen fabric used in a Couche is in conformity with international standard Oeko-Tex Standart 100

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